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Companies that have repaired tons of vehicles are generally considered by most car owners. Pacific Coast Collision Center has provided repair services to hundreds of clients. This is why our company is the best option for collision repair in Sacramento.

Customer service also is important. Many automotive repair companies don't offer efficient customer services to customers. However, our auto collision repair Sacramento customer service professionals offer the best service, so customers never have any issues. For example, when a rental car is needed, our customer service professionals will arrange for this service. This is a huge benefit because our customers will have transportation while their cars are repaired at our facility.

Collision Repair & Towing

We provide other services to customers too. For example, we tow vehicles from various locations in the city. We care our about customers, so we handle any advanced charges when a vehicle is stored at a storage location. AAA recommended towing companies are the best options for collision repair companies. Pacific Coast Collision Center understands this; we use an efficient AAA recommended company.

Advanced Color Tools

Collision repair projects will require painting services. Our company uses various tools, such as spray booths and computerized painting systems.

Storage & Warranty

Our auto collision repair Sacramento company stores vehicles in our indoor storage area. This kind of storage is the best option because cars are safer. When repairs are handled by our technicians, the work is warranted. Some companies do not provide this benefit to their customers. This is why many Sacramento car owners use our services.

Premium Auto Collision Repair Services

  • Auto Mechanical Work
  • Brakes
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Air Conditioning
  • Auto Alignment Plus
  • Much More!

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