Auto Body Paint

When Sacramento car owners need auto paint services, they hire our company. 916collision has painted tons of vehicles over the last few years.

Pacific Coast Collision Center – Sacramento’s Auto Body Paint Shop

Although there are many auto paint Sacramento companies, they cannot compare to our company. Our company has the best customer service employees who are skilled at handling various automotive issues. For example, discussing details with an insurance company is required. Our customer service employees will arrange for a rental car service if needed. Because of this, our customers have transportation while their cars are at our facility. When the painting is completed, each customer appreciates the work our technicians provided on their vehicles.

Professional Color Services

Our technicians paint vehicles using an advanced paint system and booths. The booth have a baking feature. These tools help our technicians repaint vehicles resourcefully.

Pacific Coast Collision Center – Sacramento’s Auto Body Paint Shop

Painting requires a certain level experience and expertise. Painting an automobile is not like replacing a tire or removing auto parts. Auto painting requires a lot of skill. Our technicians have the skill and the training to paint various cars using the most efficient colors.

Proper tools are also required. Our technicians use more than just a can of paint and a brush. Although painting a vehicle without the proper tools is possible, the car will not look professional. Many tools and equipment are used by the automobile industry, and our company has these particular tools.

Pacific Coast Collision Center

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